Functional Clubs

A) SYNERGY- Student life is diverse @ BRIM. All activities are converged at the holistic development of students.
Be it sports, hobbies, cultural or literary events; the main emphasis of all student activities at the campus is for
the overall improvement of managerial skills and personal attribute of the students. The purpose of Synergy the
HR Club, is to enhance professional competence through personal development and growth and to encourage
members to take a global and strategic view of their development as leaders.

B) MARKETING MIX- Marketing Mix is the marketing club of BRIM. The main objective is to enhance the marketing
sense and skills of the students through practical application of their learning in different areas of marketing.
Various activities and events conducted by the student body are games, quizzes, product launch, market analysis
and expert insight about contemporary developments in marketing.

C) FORTUNA- The BRIM “Fortuna” club is intended to promote the activities of the finance wizards in the class.
It promotes peer and interactive learning among the students in the area of finance. The Fortuna club provides
an opportunity to the students to take the initiative and organize occasional talks by finance specialist from the
industry. The club also conducts stock games, quizzes, business plan and other experimental methods to promote
“learning by doing” in the fast changing field of finance.

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