Flashmob - ‘World No Tobacco day’

Flashmob for creating awareness on ‘World No Tobacco day’

by students of Bhavan’s Royal Institute of Management

The students of Bhavan’s Royal Institute of Management, Tripunithura, on 27.05.2017, conducted a flash mob and skit in connection with the ‘World No Tobacco Day’ (WNTD) observed on May 31 by the World Health Organisation. The program intended to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco on the health of the person as well as the society with special focus on how tobacco threatens development, which apparently, is the theme of 2017 WNTD. Thanneerchal Park, maintained by the Trippunithura Municipality, was the venue for the program the program was conducted at 6 00 PM on 27-05-2017 (Saturday).

A crowd of close to 300 who had paid a normal visit to thaneerchal park were caught off guard when a person started dancing from among the crowd. Later on moving to the stage at the park, he was joined by about 16 more students gathering attention of all the visitors. The dance starting with a popular malayalam flick ‘Mazha kondu mathram’ from the movie ‘spirit’, which carried a similar message, went on for 5 minutes with a fusion of 5 songs. Followed by a two minutes long act creating awareness on the ill effects of tobacco usage. 

WHO observes WNTD on May 31st of every year with different themes, this year the theme is ‘How tobacco threatens development’. The negative impacts of tobacco are manifold. Per year 60,00,000 people lose their lives due to tobacco use. This figure is projected to shoot up to 80,00,000 by 2030. It further results in increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity which impacts the economic soundness of countries. 80% of the pre-mature deaths caused by tobacco happens in under developed countries and this further burdens these economies. The fertilizers used in tobacco cultivation are potent enough to intoxicate and pollute water bodies. Every year about 43,00,000 hectares of land is kept aside just for tobacco cultivation, which contributes to around 4% of deforestation as well. Apart from this, 2 million tonnes of solid waste is generated out of tobacco alone per year. The program intended to communicate these aspects of tobacco to the public along with making a call for the creation of a tobacco-free, developed society. The students also distributed pamphlets in this regard.


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